ARKRONA – Protector of the heart (coronary)

Ark – something that affords protection and safety
Krona – Coronary comes from “corona” (Latin) and “koron” (Greek) meaning crown. Corona and Koron are combined.

Clinical Adoption Barriers
Poseidon solution will be designed for Left Main bifurcation.


  • Large variation in anatomy
  • High complexity & low repeatability
  • No approved Left Main devices & lack of supporting clinical data


  • Anatomical Fit
    Will be designed to support all anatomical angles & diameters of LM/Circumflex
  • User-Friendly Technique
    Will be designed to reduce steps vs. 2-stent techniques, High procedural & device success rates
  • Tri-Zone Technology Clinically Proven in Coronary Bifurcation
    Tryton FDA approved for non-Left Main Bifurcation
  • The ARKRONA System will be a two part drug eluting device that will
    employ the Tri-Zone Technology to provide definitive treatment to left main bifurcation disease

Technical Adoption Barriers
Poseidon solution will be designed for Left Main bifurcation


  • Radial strength at the LM/Circumflex Ostium
  • Need to accommodate large variations in vessel diameters
  • Maintain side branch patency


  • Scaffolding & Radial Strength at the Ostium
    Will be designed with radial strength equal to main vessel stents
  • Will have Stent Expansion up to 6mm
  • Will have definitive Treatment of Branch & Main Vessel
  • Will be a Drug Eluting Impant

Arkrona Left Main System

Arkrona Will Utilize Tryton Procedure
Known predictable and reproducible